What is in your pack?

You can tell a lot about a person by seeing what is in their pack. What I mean is that when you go out on the hills you can learn about someone by taking a look at the contents of their pack and how they packed it. Someone inexperienced, for instance, may have all brand new stuff. If your mum packed your bag (you might be surprised how often this happens on DofE) then you might have lots of unnecessary food and a few extra comforts – this tells us about the person, of course, but I’m not spelling it out for you. I carry a lot of stuff when I walk – some of it is because I’ve been so well drilled in the problems that can occur on the hills that I find it necessary to be prepared (I was only ever a Scout for one evening) and it is not unusual that I solve someone else’s problem with what I have carried – this tells you I like to be prepared and ready for anything. Some people pack hardly anything – they are usually either over confident or foolish (or both). This is all very interesting (maybe) but what does it matter to me? Well wherever we go or whatever we face it is important what we carry in our heart, mind and soul. This would be a series of sermons in itself but Jesus did tell us the two most important things to carry in a pack. 1. Love for God and 2. love for others. No one should try to go through life without either of these two.

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