Proof that God exists

There is a fairly common statement made by agnostics and atheists alike that: there is no proof that God exists.

Many times I have heard Christians argue that we should not engage with such statements because then we will argue and it will only lead to confusion. However, it seems to me that our non-engagement has led to far more confusion than anyone getting confused by the arguments. We have done such a disservice to people when we have stepped back and refused to engage with the challenges. Ultimately people do come to faith through an encounter with Christ and not through the intellect but if people believe that the intellect is against God then why would they ever seek to encounter Jesus? People are captured by atheism because it, at least, attempts to offer reasoned answers.

I am not embarrassed about Jesus or God and so I’ve learned a way to answer the question.

If I’m challenged that there is no proof for the existence of God my response is: well, actually I think there are at least five good proofs. They are:

1. Why does the Universe exist? What made it exist?
2. The fine-tuning and complexity of the Universe
3. Objective moral values
4. The historical facts surrounding the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
5. Personal experience of the existence of God.

These may need expanding on – maybe I will do that in a subsequent post – but even having a response will take most people by surprise.

Every Christian should be prepared to answer when they are challenged about their faith.

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