Pilgrimage Walks

What is a Pilgrimage walk? You will know in times gone by that people undertook Pilgrimages for all kinds of reasons (read Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales for more information). People today still go on Pilgrimage. Usually, a Pilgrimage is a long journey (principally on foot) that takes a long time to complete. In our modern world it is harder to set aside such large blocks of time and so I’ve put together a Pilgrimage in miniature for those who want to undertake one. This Pilgrimage will take just one day to complete and will provide times of reflection and conversation to help the Pilgrims with whatever they want to reflect on.

Pilgrimages have an element of fun as well as a chance for serious reflection and I hope that these walks with a purpose will prove to be enjoyable as well as helpful.

You can go on Pilgrimage for any reason you wish but you must have a purpose. So if you want to join me for a day of pilgrimage then get thinking about what you want to reflect about on the day (we can all have different reasons to be there. People of all ages are welcome but please no dogs (they might distract those who are trying to reflect – sorry).

Suggestions for things to reflect on include: your relationship with God, struggles with doubt, remembering a loved one, making a difficult choice, just to get closer to God, space to think, lower your stress, time to pray, etc.

The next walk is going to happen later in the year – sadly there just isn’t time for one till then.