Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Chaplain

What is a Chaplain?

A Chaplain is essentially someone who represents the church to a group outside the church. This is usually in a pastoral role, supporting people as they try to make sense of life. Not everyone has a church connection and this enables the church to take its care and support out beyond its own walls.

What is the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme?

This is a scheme to help young people as they grow and develop by setting them challenges to complete. On completion of the challenges they are awarded bronze, silver or gold to mark the level of their achievement. Young people will volunteer, practice a skill, improve their health and go on expedition as part of their award challenges. Many young people find it a formative experience. You can find out more about the scheme on their web site …

What is a DofE Chaplain?

My role is to support young people on the scheme as they discover things about themselves. I do this in a practical way on expedition as well as being available to talk to anyone (including the leaders) who may have life questions to explore. I am not there to force people to believe as I do but instead to ask questions while people explore. I am also taking the DofE scheme into churches and helping them understand what the scheme is and how it helps young people. It is my dream to see churches providing support to young people as they undertake the scheme.

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