Get the right coat to survive the storms

You have to have the right coat. There are some times in life that you begin to wonder why you ever managed to get so much information about something. One of those for me is a coat. For instance did you know that there is no such thing as a fully waterproof coat? At some point all coats fail. I know the benefits of the different materials that coats are made from (I know the difference between a 2 layer and 3 layer Gortex coat for instance). I also know their waterproof property is measured in hydrostatic head and different numbers are required for different activities. I even own 3 different waterproof coats which have different hydrostatic heads for different weather conditions on the hills (I don’t carry all three – I check the weather forecast before I go). In the great outdoors you have to have the right coat and it could mean the difference between life and death in certain situations. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that in life you have to have the right stuff to deal with certain circumstances. I have found that faith in Christ gives me all the protection I could require for the worst of storms and I feel sorry for those who try to face the worst storms without that faith. I don’t have faith just to get me through those storms (that would be a foolish approach to God) but possessing that faith means that whatever comes I have a reason for hope and even confidence. I know that God loves me and God’s love supports me. If you ever have to face a storm I hope you have the right coat – or rather the right faith.

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