Remember where your tent is

A couple of times whilst wild camping with some young people on Dartmoor I’ve lost my tent in the dark. We arrive at a good place to camp (Dartmoor is open to camp anywhere – well almost anywhere) and in the sunshine we put up the tents. Then meals are cooked and we all gather to spend the evening talking. On some occasions where we gather is some distance from my tent (there is an art in picking the right spot so sometimes tents get spread out). Then night falls and as you can imagine without any lights and on a moonless night it gets very dark indeed. It is then that I realised I wasn’t entirely sure how to get back to my tent. Fortunately I have a good torch and my tent is very reflective in parts so it is fairly easy to find again. Sometimes when the darkness comes we must remember where where our heart, our centre if you like, is. Jesus is the centre of all there is – including all that really matters to us personally in life. When you feel lost in the dark return to Jesus and he will give you shelter. Oh, and always remember where you pitched your tent.

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