Why there should be a naughty list

Tesco seem to have taken it upon themselves to declare that morality is no longer a thing – there is no naughty list. This is either very naïve or incredibly irresponsible – in my opinion.

I agree with the sentiment that we need to be kinder to ourselves and others. However.

Here is a list of why we should probably all be on the naughty list (feel free to include others):

  • Refugees living in tents while I take my house for granted.
  • Being upset I can’t see my family when some have no family to see any time of the year.
  • Children starving while I worry my turkey isn’t big enough.
  • Spending money on stuff I don’t need when others do not have what they need.
  • Getting annoyed at my family.
  • Racism
  • Abuse
  • Laziness
  • Arrogance
  • Ignorance
  • Want

I am reminded of G.K Chesterton who wrote the following in response to a letter request from the Editor of the times on the subject of “What is wrong with the world?”

I am.

Perhaps today the response ought to include Tesco.

Pretending there is no naughty list when there is indeed so much that is wrong with the world and with me is not good for anyone. It suggests it is OK to ignore the suffering of others (caused in no small part by us) so we can overindulge (and Tesco are prepared to help you by selling you all that stuff you didn’t need so you can overindulge – how nice to have such a friend). Oh and by the way a chip manufacturer is not family and banks are most certainly not on your side.

I’m not against Christmas or treats but come on – this is just plain immoral.

I think a far better approach is to admit our failings – own up to them, both to ourselves and others, ask for forgiveness and change our ways.

Sounds like what Jesus said.

Christmas is a time for forgiveness and God offers forgiveness through his one and only Son Jesus Christ. Own your naughty list and pray for forgiveness and then enjoy that you get it.

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