Where has the light gone?

We seem to have reached the part of the year where the days seem very short (it is a shame that all the stuff we have to do doesn’t also get shorter – but that is the subject for another time). It is a good time to pull the curtains, put your feet up and enjoy a hot chocolate drink. However, it can seem like the darkness is winning and we are stuck in the gloom with the prospect of relief too far off to give us much hope. It is, perhaps, a time to reflect on those last few days of Jesus’ life before his crucifixion. Abandoned and alone he faced having to endure a terrible end. What must he have thought about in that time? Well we do know one thing that was on his mind – us. We know that the darkness will not win but sometimes it is hard to remember. I encourage you to remember that these things do have an end and soon the light will return.

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