What if God threw stuff away like we do?

I hate throwing anything away. This doesn’t mean you can’t get through the door of the Manse for the piles of stuff, but I just hate throwing things away that are broken and it turns out to be cheaper to buy a new one than repair the old one. In the ‘good old days’, whenever they were? Things would get repaired. There would be handy people you could go to (like the Repair Shop on TV), or you just bought the bit you needed and did it yourself. I remember taking a car repair course once and at the end the tutor told us that only older cars could be maintained by us really as the newer cars are all designed so a mechanic just takes out an old bit (after consulting a computer) and put in a new one (usually at great expense, of course). I repair whatever I can, it is amazing what you can get off the Internet, but sometimes there is no option but to throw stuff away.

Come on Chris, get to the point!

There are two.

What are we doing to the planet just throwing everything away? Sometimes stuff isn’t even broken its just out of date – what are we doing? It makes me mad – grrrrr.

The second point is that I’m glad God doesn’t take this view with us. They are broken – throw them away and make a new one. God tested Moses with this idea when he came down the mountain with the ten commandments and the people had already rebelled. “Why don’t I just wipe them out and start again?” Isn’t this what many Atheists think should be happening if God existed? What are they thinking? Why does God let criminals exist? Why not just wipe them out? Why bother with all those broken people? I’m thankful God’s love is so great that he would rather go through repairing us even though the cost to himself is great indeed. We are all broken in some way but thank God he has the patience and love to help us.

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