Methodist Church

Back as a Methodist Minister

After a couple of years of trying I have finally been through the system and am being recommended to be received back in to full connexion at Conference in a couple of weeks.

It has been a long and at times painful process but at long last I’m back where I was (well almost where I was) 11 years ago.

This is the beginning of a new life as a minister and I trust God for all that is to come (as I’ve been forced to trust him for all that is past).

There are times when it is important to be patient and wait for God to show you what he is up to. I can honestly say that at times I have been very confused by what God has been doing with me but I’m sure it is part of a greater plan. It is important for any Christian to understand that it is important to remain faithful and allow God to shape us.

I’ll keep you up to date here on what I’m up to and how it is all going.

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