Waiting for things to happen

I’ve applied for reinstatement to the Methodist ministry but I’m now having to wait for the system to move along. It’s one of those crazy feelings where every day of waiting is difficult and yet it’s taken me about 11 years to get around to applying. Of course there are implications with the waiting for me because I am self-employed and not quite sure of the future until this is sorted out.

Waiting is a strange experience but teaches some important lessons – not least of which is patience.

I also know – from my self-employed experience – that it is easy to assume that nothing is happening when you don’t hear anything. I think this is one of the reasons why you will hear how important communication is within an organisation. People love to know what is going on and when they don’t they get all edgy and impatient. It’s much easier to be patient when you know that you haven’t been forgotten or pushed to one side.

Don’t take this as a criticism of the Methodist church because they have kept me informed of the major developments I just need to learn patience.

I’m sure something is happening but I just have to be patient.