Back as Methodist Preacher

Had my first service back as a Methodist preacher yesterday (14th Feb 2010). It was a good experience although there were many things that I need to improve on. I’ve always found preaching to be exhausting and this was no exception.

I am determined to get to preach without any notes at all but this time allowed myself a few. I seem to preach an awful lot better when I’m not tied to notes – it’s always been a problem for me to get my own personality involved when I have to read a sermon. I remember disappointing my friends at College who thought I’d be a better preacher than I was – of course they didn’t say this but I could tell.

The rest of the service went ok but I want it to be better than ok. I think the biggest problem was my sermon was too long – I think I had too much material because I was nervous that with only a few notes I would dry up and not have enough to say.

Anyway it was well received – I preached on the transfiguration and for a first time back it went fine. Next service is in a months time.