Prayers of Lament

There is a kind of Christian prayer that has always been important to Christians at times of crisis. We seldom talk about it but it remains one of the most powerful ways to pray – and even to worship.

Several Psalms and many other prayers in the Bible take on this form.

In essence it is acknowledging our pain and dismay to God. God wants us to express what is in our hearts and if that is confusion, anger, sadness, frustration, etc. then we bring those to God in prayer.

This doesn’t mean that we doubt God or that God has the ability to help – in fact far from it, a Lament usually includes an acknowledgement of God’s sovereign power.

This may be just the time for a Lament. If you feel pretty helpless and maybe not sure what to pray at the moment, then bring all of that to God. You may not get a simple answer but God will hear your prayer and answer it in the way we need the most.

A hymn in the form of a Lament is the hymn “it is well with my soul”, written by its author in a time of terrible personal loss when much of his family drowned in a terrible accident.

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