Prayer Space

Have you ever considered making a prayer space in your home?

Maybe, this is a good time to find a bit of room to set yourself up with the place you can go to pray.

Start by finding a space (spare room, corner of a quiet room, etc)

Then get yourself a comfortable chair to sit in.

Then get a table of some sort – small and low works best I think. On this table include some things to help you. Maybe a candle and/or a cross. You can put some pictures there – maybe of people you wish to pray for. If you are artistic why not draw some reminders.

Get a pad of paper to write prayer requests on (and a pen or pencil of course).

Place a bible on the table as well for some reading as part of your prayers.

Then make use of this space each day (you might find a regular time works best).

Don’t stop praying.

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