How do you worship?

I think one of the things that this Covid-19 shutdown has challenged us on is, how do we worship? When we do not have others to sit with or even someone else to lead our thinking and doing, how do we worship?

Some are doing their best to reproduce what is normally done on a Sunday in a Church. Hymns, readings, prayers and a sermon. I’m not going to knock that approach – at least it is something.

However, is this really the limit of our worship?

Worship – it seems to me – is about acknowledging who God is. God is the only one worthy of our worship (it won’t go to God’s head and make God unbearable for a start), nothing we say or do can ever express the true greatness or perfection of God.

So, how do we worship?

Music can help – Christians have always known this and made good use of music and singing. But there is much more to music than hymns and maybe this is a chance to explore some of it.

Prayer – obviously. But do we really need someone to lead us in prayer? If we have never learnt to pray on our own, now is the time to learn. For worship, of course, it should not be just a list of wants but reflection on who God is and in turn what that means to you.

Readings? By all means, we can’t get enough of scripture in my opinion. But perhaps this is more about learning and responding than worship itself. Although some parts of scripture certainly do inspire worship in us.

My prayer is that something good comes out of this time of being forced to separate. Perhaps by learning how to worship for ourselves we will be better equipped when we can do it together again.

Please don’t just long for what we can’t have but seek new ways of expressing your faith in worship.

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I took part in the worship at Rowbarton last Sunday morning via the video and chat link. Although confined at home on my own I felt at one in a spiritual sense with the people I would normally worship with on a Sunday. I knew there were more watching than necessarily communicating but that is normal anyway. This was a time when as a small group I felt comforted spiritually with the familiar. Jesus found comfort with his group of disciples at various times within his wider ministry. There is a place for wider and larger groups worshipping together but this should not be put in place of more intimate worship. It is lovely that there are people willing to produce and deliver the worship material that is being used on a Sunday so that although they do not have use of technology, they can also feel included within our time of worship together.
I believe your prayer has already been answered to a certain extent. We are all still finding new ways of worshipping.
My prayer is that our worship will become more meaningful within all world faiths. A coming together in our spiritual growth, if that makes sense.
God bless this world and all life 🌞

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