Should the Pope go vegan to save the planet

There is a pressure campaign at the moment trying to force the Pope to become Vegan for lent. It is a sign of our society that anyone with money can try and force others to bend to their will through public opinion.

As public opinion seems to often depend on mis-information I did my own research and this is what I found about the claim that giving up meat will save the planet – it is utter rubbish.

You can read about this very complex issue in this excellent article by someone who actually knows what they are talking about.  It is by Richard Young of the Sustainable Food trust.

However, putting that point aside I think it shameful for any organisation to try to use the general public as a pressure group. It is even worse that they are trying to force the Pope to do something like this. If he says yes – then they will claim it proves their point and will impress enough Catholics who have not necessarily thought through the issue to follow him. If he says no then the rest of the world will take it that the Pope doesn’t care about the planet. What is the poor pontiff supposed to do? My advice would be to say no – if they had requested in a thoughtful and caring way then it would have been considered but as they did it through a media campaign the answer has to be no – the media (and the Celebrities they worship) must not control the way we think.

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