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Why is Easter so bloomin early!!

Phew! What a mad few months this has been since Christmas. I hadn’t realised just how long ago I last posted.

Lots going on in that time (including loads of meetings). I’ve been on some Supervisor training. Officially I’m delighted with the scheme and it is high time we ministers were in some kind of supervision. Unofficially, I’m not yet sure of the benefits and am still scratching my head about how I find the time to do it. Time seems to be something we Methodist Ministers have loads off – apparently – in fact I’m beginning the think that officially we must have some kind of time machine that enables us to turn one week into the equivalent of one month. However, I seem to have missed the memo that explained where I get my hands on that time machine.

Anyway, Easter is early because we base the date on Passover which is (or at least was) based on a moon cycle that doesn’t really exist (known as the Pascal moon). There are some fun calculations you can do to get the date if you want to.

Personally I would rather we fixed the date to correspond with the date of the first easter and left it there. Perhaps this is something that can be done with the time machine that I don’t have access to.

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