Sad news about Peter Bolt

Received the news that Rev Peter Bolt died yesterday at the age of 92.

I’m sure many people are adding their tributes but I wanted to add something to my blog.

Peter was important to me at an important stage of my life. He advised me on what to do during my canditating for ministry and saw me through local preaching. Of course, it will be his leadership of Plymouth Praisemakers that left the greatest impression on myself and many others. Those were great days even though I usually ended up with a soar throat and hardly slept for many days on end. The tours to America are great memories for me but perhaps the bits I liked the most were the concerts at Christmas. It was always a great way to celebrate the season – especially at an age when the present giving was not so important and my secular friends were all off down the pub.

However, the greatest thing that P Praisemakers gave me was a wife and subsequent family – how can you measure such a contribution to someone’s life?

Thanks Peter for being such a shining example of what it means to live a Christian life – you have been an inspiration to me in my own life and in my ministry. I’m sure when you met Jesus he simply said “well done, good and faithful servant.” Rest in peace Peter and save me a place near you in the heavenly choir.

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Hi Revd Brown, I tried to find a way to contact you directly but could not do so from this site, so I will leave in the comments. May we use your thoughts in a tribute to Revd Peter Bolt in the World Methodist Council First Friday newsletter?

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