No religion please we are British

When did the British become frightened by displays of religious belief?

I enjoyed watching the World Athletics Championships and I’m missing it now when I try to relax in front of the TV (isn’t TV rubbish most of the time – a subject for another day perhaps). Time and again Athletes would make some kind of religious gesture after they finished a race – many of them praying, sometimes in a group. Perhaps the most noticeable are Usain Bolt and Mohammed Farrah. Both Athletes, from different religions, who believe that their faith in God has a big influence on who they are and what they do. Yet not once does this get mentioned when they are interviewed or by anyone commentating. I have heard mention of huddles and looking to the sky but there seems to be an embarrassing silence over religious belief.

Now, I understand it is a matter of personal belief and it would be wrong to try and persuade anyone of the benefits of religion on such an occasion but surely there is nothing wrong in acknowledging it. It is my opinion that there is something wrong in being embarrassed by it.

I have heard that Usain Bolt went to an all night party – this is all over the news – but his faith is always covered up, why is this?

Could it be that the Atheists are winning? They don’t want to know that someone has a faith, and they certainly don’t want anyone else to know that someone in the public eye has a faith and so they moan when faith is put on display. The rest of us then have to put up with this embarrassed silence approach. It is nonsense – and I think they are mostly losing by the way. Why is it we can know all about what sexuality someone has or what teams they support or even what their politics are but we are too embarrassed to know about someones religion? Surely this is wrong!

It seems to me that the more we try not to mention faith the worse our ability to talk about such things becomes. So how do we then answer the big questions of life?

Of course, it isn’t just Athletes who do this without anyone mentioning it – it goes unmentioned all over the place.

I think it is about time that we learned how to talk about things like religion and not get so embarrassed that we quickly change the subject. If Atheists really do have good arguments to stop us all believing (I haven’t heard one yet and I have heard many, if not all, of their arguments – they mostly seem to just want to insult people) then they should want us to talk about it as well. Of course they have tried to argue their case since ancient times but still have made little headway.

Please lets stop being embarrassed and stop all the nonsense over taking people to court over wearing a religious symbol or sacking people because they want to pray and start talking about the things that really matter.

Sorry – I could have made this much longer but I doubt it would get read – it is about religion after all!

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