Ten Tors Training Hooray!

Dartmoor by antenne on flickr

Yes, Ten Tors training is now well underway for many and young people all over the country – especially the south west – are finding out what Dartmoor can be like. The group I am helping with had a good dose of rain and mist the other day and we all learned the importance of double checking everything in the fog and that some waterproofs aren’t actually water proof – not something you want to discover on Ten Tors itself. Fortunately there was not much of a wind and so we avoided any real problems.

Can I encourage you to check your kit, it is better to be over prepared than under prepared. People often wonder about the sense of carrying kit that it looks like we might not need (e.g. extra layers of clothing on a seemingly warm day) but I am experienced enough (I have made many mistakes) to know how wonderful it is to have those extra layers when the weather turns nasty. You may only ever need something once in a lifetime of walking but when you do need it you will be so glad you carried it – believe me I know.

May all your days on the hills be good ones and don’t forget to check your kit before you need it.

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