Why does England football team always fail?

Are you fed up with hearing about why the England football team always fail? Well here is my addition but I think it may be a little different to most.

No doubt part of the problem lies in the tactics, and I have little doubt this played a part in the last disaster against Iceland. No doubt our football stars are getting too pampered and this is making them soft when we need them to be tough. Yet you could add that this is true for every footballer in every country these days, so it can only be part of the answer. I might also point out that we haven’t won any major competition for 50 years and this pampering has only more recently become a problem. I also want to put the blame on the FA, of course. They are one of the best funded organisations in the world and so have access to the best minds yet they fail. Are the FA pampering themselves too much – no doubt. We could blame the press – after all look at all the pressure that is put on players to succeed – but then again is it unrealistic of us to expect the best trained and best paid players to come up with the goods from time to time? I don’t think it is. This is the same press who will also treat them like royalty if they succeed of course – maybe they could remember that instead.

The truth is that I think it comes down to us all – we, as a nation, are failing.

We are glad when success does come to our national teams – usually through the ministrations of a foreign leader of course – but they don’t come often enough to claim any kind of lasting success.

But when I look at our nation I see a place where people are giving up on trying and getting involved. Every group I speak to has terrible trouble recruiting leaders or even helpers. Parents are happy to pass their children over but don’t want any responsibility in making their children’s pastimes succeed. They will stand on the side and cheer (or moan) but don’t want to ‘do’.

We should have seen it coming when the churches emptied. We had excuses of course – not relevant, boring, science, modern, post-modern, etc – but all of them bogus reasons really. The real truth is that we couldn’t be bothered.

Couldn’t be bothered.

Isn’t that what we see on the international football pitch and isn’t that what disturbs us as spectators – it looked like they just couldn’t be bothered. Could it be that we as a nation have become so not bothered that it has become our default position? We have become passionate about not being bothered. We laugh at comedians who make jokes about not being bothered because we know deep down that this is what we are, what we have become. We encourage our children to have ‘personality’ which usually translates to ‘not bothered’.

I doubt, of course, that the player on the pitch would realise that this was the problem. They are blind to their not bothered nature that they have grown up with.

So England, it is time to get bothered. It is time to get off our ever widening backsides and to start getting involved. Get yourselves back to church, start volunteering to help, be a scout leader or football coach and maybe in a few years when we have all started being bothered again we might actually win something!

I would write more but I can’t be bothered.

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